1- Hands-On Workshops for Health professionals

EgyDoctor.Net is pleased to support Taining Institutes, Teaching Hospitals and Health Organizations with Qualified Specialized Lecturers for these Hands-On Workshops below:
A- Internet for Physicians
B- Effective Use of Medline/PubMed
C- Cochrane Library
Brief Description of every Workshop
A- Internet for Physicians
This Hands-on Workshop will help all participants gaining the real skills of searching: asking the right questions, finding the best search terms, and linking the terms together to form a search strategy. you to develop the skills you need for finding the best available medical resources in your own field.
The sessions of this workshop:
Introduction to the Web
Using Search Engines Effectively
Free medical resources
Evaluating Web Sites
B- Effective Use of Medline/PubMed
This Hands-on practice provides an orientation to Medlin/PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's Medline search system, and highlights PubMed's unique features including the Clinical Queries option, Citation Matcher, Subject, Author and Journal Title Search and MeSH Browser.
The sessions of this workshop
Basic / advanced search
Clinical Queries option, Citation Matcher
Journal Browser, MeSH Browser
Setting up your own alerts.
C- Introduction to the Cochrane Library
This workshop to Save yourself some time, money and effort in finding a high quality reviews of the best research on the effectiveness of health care interventions. Find full-text systematic reviews from the Cochrane Collaboration and more.



EgyDoctor.Net is pleased to offer "HOUSE CALLS TRAINING" It was created to bring personalized information services training directly to you in your office, Clinic, hospital and organization or laboratory. You schedule the one hour session to suit your timetable and a qualified specialized trainer will visit you to provide the individual training in the area(s) of your choice.


How can I register to receive a House Calls training session by EgyDoctor.Net?
To schedule a training session:

- Call the EgyDoctor.Net Reference Desk at 012 83 80 80 3 or 010 83 80 80 3.

- Send an email request stating the information services you are interested in, as well as the times it would be most convenient for a trainer to visit.

- Complete the contact page form stating the training you are interested in, as well as the times it would be most convenient for a trainer to visit.

If necessary, more than one session can be booked. One hour training sessions are available Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.


What trainings are available through House Calls?
We are prepared to introduce, teach and discuss any of the following:

Searching Databases

- Medline (Pubmed)

- Popline

- Other databases as relevant to your area of work

Searching Evidence-Based Resources

- The Cochrane Library

Other Resources

- Using computer (Beginners)

- Internet Navigation / E-mail Creation (Beginners)

- Internet for physicians (Professionals)

- Microsoft Word

- Microsoft PowerPoint Creation

Who is eligible to request a House Call?
All health professionals, physicians and clinicians can take advantage of the House Calls training.
What is the main goal of the training?
The participants will improve their knowledge of online information systems and resources, and apply enhanced information skills to research and/or evidence-based practice.
We are looking forward to hearing from you, responding to our training services queries, and providing you with a House Call Training.
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