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Book Title   :  Clinical Neuroanatomy 26th Ed. (2010)

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Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD
Copyright © 2010 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Clinical Neuroanatomy
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The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Learn the essential aspects of neuroanatomy and its clinical relevance with the field's most concise, trusted, and effective text

For more than seventy years, Clinical Neuroanatomy has delivered a streamlined, comprehensive, and easy-to-remember synopsis of neuroanatomy and its functional and clinical applications. Emphasizing the most important concepts, facts, and structures, this well-illustrated and enjoyable-to-read text reflects the state-of-the-art in pathophysiology and the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

Features that make Clinical Neuroanatomy perfect for board review or as a clinical refresher:

- Discussion of the latest advances in molecular and cellular biology in the context of neuroanatomy
- Clinical correlations to help you interpret and remember essential neuroanatomic concepts in terms of function and clinical application
- Numerous computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance images (MRIs) of the normal brain and spinal cord; functional magnetic resonance images that provide a noninvasive window on brain function; and neuroimaging studies that illustrate common pathological entities that affect the nervous system
- An Introduction to Clinical Thinking section that puts neuroanatomy in a unique clinical perspective
- Numerous tables that make the information clear and easy to remember
- A complete practice exam to test your knowledge
- Coverage of the basic structure and function of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves as well as clinical presentations of disease processes involving specific structures
- NEW full-color illustrations

   CLINICAL NEUROANATOMY - 26th Ed. (2010)
   Front Matter
   Section I - Basic Principles
   Chapter 1. Fundamentals of the Nervous System
   Chapter 2. Development and Cellular Constituents of the Nervous System
   Chapter 3. Signaling in the Nervous System
   Section II - Introduction to Clinical Thinking
   Chapter 4. The Relationship Between Neuroanatomy and Neurology
   Section III - Spinal Cord and Spine
   Chapter 5. The Spinal Cord
   Chapter 6. The Vertebral Column and Other Structures Surrounding the Spinal Cord
   Section IV - Anatomy of the Brain
   Chapter 7. The Brain Stem and Cerebellum
   Chapter 8. Cranial Nerves and Pathways
   Chapter 9. Diencephalon
   Chapter 10. Cerebral Hemispheres/Telencephalon
   Chapter 11. Ventricles and Coverings of the Brain
   Chapter 12. Vascular Supply of the Brain
   Section V - Functional Systems
   Chapter 13. Control of Movement
   Chapter 14. Somatosensory Systems
   Chapter 15. The Visual System
   Chapter 16. The Auditory System
   Chapter 17. The Vestibular System
   Chapter 18. The Reticular Formation
   Chapter 19. The Limbic System
   Chapter 20. The Autonomic Nervous System
   Chapter 21. Higher Cortical Functions
   Section VI - Diagnostic Aids
   Chapter 22. Imaging of the Brain
   Chapter 23. Electrodiagnostic Tests
   Chapter 24. Cerebrospinal Fluid Examination
   Section VII - Discussion of Cases
   Chapter 25. Discussion of Cases



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